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Ghillie Suit Tutorial

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Ghillie Suit Tutorial

Post  ross on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:19 pm

Well since some people can't afford to buy a ghillie suit i found a good video on how to make a cheap and easy ghillie suit. It works, ive made one myself from this video and is just like the real one.

Just a few things he left out:

To get your suit to have the furry/string look of a real ghillie just comb the burlap so it unthreads. i used a Dogs comb which has metal spikes instead of plastic ones and really tears it apart.

If you have big netting like a fishers net not like this persons then duct tape it and hot glue the net on the hat. Try to get the small hole netting though like his because its much better.

instead of wrapping your gun like he shows, Cut some netting that just fits on top of the gun and tie the burlap all on the barrel and then comb it out to look more realistic and do the same with your scope or just make a birds nest in the scope.


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