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Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:35 pm


1) ALL FoD must respect ALL players including their own clan members. This should not even be a posted rule, this is common sense. If you have issues With another CLAN MEMBER, you should notify a Promotions Staff, who will meet with you and the person to help resolve these issues. If the differences are irreparable, all Involved FoD~Clan Members will be dismissed from the FoD~Clan. There will be no playing favorites, this is only fair. You will not be permitted to re-apply for Clan Member status once dismissed from the FoD~Clan for these types of disputes.

*In addition, if you have issues with someone from ANOTHER CLAN or any OTHER PLAYERS in the gaming community, come to a Promotions Staff Member for Support. Please don't react negatively in public. They make private messaging for that, plus, that's what the Clan Leader/Promotions Staff is for. If you cause a conflict with another clan and the FoD Leaders find you guilty, you will be REQUIRED to complete a 60 day probationary period for these types of disputes.

2) The Clan Leader thinks its okay to make fun of Noobsteaks because that's a given, really. You may also Pwn them at your own discretion. NO LOVE FOR THE NOOBERS! The only offense here is a bad defense….

3) ABSOLUTELY NO Offmapping, Cheating, Glitching, or Hacking of any sort in game. If you are caught using any of the aforementioned you will immediately be dismissed from the FoD~Clan once the clan Promotions Staff has sufficient evidence. If you witness ANY FoD player committing these acts you should notify the Clan Leader. You will not be permitted to re-apply for Clan Member status if you break this rule.

4) There is NO "I" in TEAM, there is also no "I" in CLAN. If we all work together, the Results will be phenomenal. This could generally be more considered respect for your fellow Clan members (see rule #1) than a rule. Really, working together should be a rule since it earns us a better clan/score/reputation, Etc. Always value your fellow clan member; he/she is an asset to you as well as other clan mates and vice-versa. This is not an offend-able “rule” but please take it into consideration, as others already have probably taken this advice before you. Better put, we’re all heroes, not just you.

5) Fraternizing with the enemy is definitely okay, you should always keep your enemies close. You will one day see & reap the benefits of this. Plus we all have other friends. However, you should not share FoD Clan information of any kind with any other clan or Individual gamer. Most likely, your Clan Leader will find out about it. This is equal to treason in your leaders’ opinion and you will be immediately dismissed from FoD by your Clan Leader upon discovery and will not be permitted to re-apply for Clan Member status if you break this rule.

6) You cannot be in another clan while you are in the FoD~Clan. You are therefore a spy, and your Clan Leader upon discovery will immediately dismiss you from FoD. You will not be permitted to re-apply for Clan Member status if you break this rule.

7) Since most of us arnt on the forums/chatbox all the time we ask all our members to give their cell phone or home phone numbers to our leader Michelle. You can just Private chat her on the chatbox or PM her in the forums your number. This is a requirement to help setup matches and keep good communication. You can also get to know michelle a little more if you are not comfortable in giving your cell phone away.

*In addition, participation in the Clan Forums is also a must for Our Members*

8) Don't think of these as rules, more of a requirement. You are EXPECTED to follow all of these requirements.

9) Above all, have fun. It's a game, not a 9 to 5. Gaming with the Forces of Destruction should be an Enjoyable escape from the reality many of us suffer daily, not a tooth and nail battle with some other person you really don't know anyhow. Ignorance is a roadblock to success. It is as simple as that. The FoD~Clan Should be a place where royalty and friends meet.


1) Any absence longer than 15 days must be posted on the Clan site BEFORE you leave. Not AFTER you return. Any Promotions Staff member that is absent longer than 15 days without PRIOR POSTED NOTICE will be dismissed permanently from the Staff. Dismissed Staff Members can maintain their Clan Member rights, but will be REQUIRED to complete a 30 day probationary period upon return. This applies to ALL Clan Members as well.

2) Any Staff Member or Clan Member that is absent longer than 30 days without PRIOR POSTED NOTICE will be dismissed from this clan. You may re-apply to the FoD Clan but will be REQUIRED to complete a 60 day probationary period upon return.

3) If you leave the clan, or are dismissed on GOOD terms you can re-enlist but will be REQUIRED to complete a 30 day probationary period upon return.

4) If you are leaving the FoD~Clan, Please post this in the forums. We all have a right to know.


*This means players will not be able to participate in any scrimmages or attend any clan events/practices during their probationary period. It's real similar to being grounded. There will be no exceptions.

*There is no "good time". If you’re on probation, you probably earned the right to be there. It is what it is.

*ANY PLAYER OR Staff PLACED ON PROBATION WILL ADD *P* AT THE END OF THEIR TAGS UNTIL THEIR PROBATIONARY PERIOD HAS EXPIRED. They will also be posted in the **PROBATIONARY** in the forums as currently on probation. Your division leader will meet with your clan leader to determine the termination of your probationary period, and your division leader *MUST POST THE TERMINATION OF PROBATION ACCORDINGLY IN THE **PROBATIONARY** THREAD IN THE FORUMS. Any Division Leader caught changing this protocol will have their Staff Member Status removed immediately and permanently. YOU WILL ALSO BE PLACED ON PROBATION FOR 90 DAYS. The Probationary portion of this rule applies to Clan Members as well.

*There is no such thing as "Suspension" in the FoD~Clan. Think of it as "Permanent-Termination" or simply "dismissed ".

CLAN Promotions Staff's NOTE:

We all need law and order. Without rules, society as a whole will crumble, as would our clan. Therefore the need arose for me to write into clan law these rules, guidelines, requirements, whatever you assume them to be. I tried to state these rules as concise and SIMPLE as I could, so we all can understand them. If you cannot seem to comprehend a rule or rules, contact your Clan Leader, or a Promotions Staff member, who will help you sort it out.

Some of these rules, however, may be modified in the future, mostly for clarity. There may also be a few new rules added to this list at some point too. Let it be known it is only for the good of your clan as a whole, so be sure to keep current in our forums/ChatBox for any changes in this section.

And, for those who are new and current members of this fine clan, you must have proven yourself worthy, so congratulations to you and welcome to the Forces of Destruction!

Now get out there and show them Nubbynz’ what we're all about!


Clan Promotions Staff Member.


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Post  StoRmZz on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:20 am

its kinda long but if u scan through it fast u will basically know what its all about'
its important stuff man intense...


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Post  ross on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:45 am

very ^^

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