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Free Downloading

Post  ross on Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:40 pm

Do you ever see a game that you want but costs money and you don't have the money or you're to lazy to go to the store and get it? Well theres a simpler way in getting games. Illegal Downloading. The best site to get Movies, Games, Music and other stuff is The Pirate Bay. But before you start downloading, you need a few tools, To download the torrents you need a system like LimeWire. Bit Torrent is a better and safer system then limewire so i suggest that.
If the torrent you're downloading has the file saying (gamename).iso then you will need a program called Daemon Tools Light. When finish Extracting your folder, open up Daemon tools and Press the icon disk that has a green plus (+)
and go to your .iso file and double click on it. After that, press the disk that has the green Play button
it will then say "Mounting Image"

After that. go to "My Computer" and you should see this:

It should say your game name and the icon. double click that because its like putting in a CD. After opening that the installer will open up and your on your way!.

Some Torrents you don't even need to Mount you can just get right into the game.

The torrents can take awhile to download depending on were the down loader is in the world. When i got grand theft auto it only took 5 mins because it was in New England. When i got Rise of Nations it took about an hour because it was somewhere ells in the USA. Just be patient and do something ells while its downloading, its worth it.

If your afraid of viruses getting into your computer just remember: Bit torrent is alot safer then Lime Wire and if your still afraid just scan your computer with your Anti-virus program. I havnt gotten any bad viruses from Bit Torrent so im fine.

Have fun people and be safe.


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