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How to join FoD

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How to join FoD

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:56 pm

Everyone is required to read this ENTIRE post

If you really love online gaming and the gaming world in general and are looking for a group of really great people to play with then FoD may be what you've been looking for!

ANYONE may join the FoD forum and participate in our gaming based discussions, even if you're not looking to join a clan right now.

If you are looking into joining the Forces of Destruction then I'll explain how you can earn your tags(FoD|). (Become a full member).

You must fully complete all of these steps to be promoted to full membership in the clan:

1) Register on the FoD forum and site.
You must enroll in our website and forum. We ask all our applicants and members to join our site ( and forums (

NOTE: For legal reasons we can not accept any members under the age of 13.

Also the forum will not let you register any names that have FoD tags included in them. This will be added to your name by us after.

2) Apply
So we can know a little more about you, we request that you fill out this Recruit Application Form: Click Here Your form will be sent to the FoD administration to look over.

3) Become an active user of the forums.
You must make at least 5 legitimate posts on the forum. Making threads or good replies to existing threads are expected.

4) Play online with us.
You must be active with other FoD members. This means we either need to see you playing games with other full FoD members or you must have a full FoD member vouch for you that they indeed have played games with you.

5) Skills in game
We look for skill in applicants. We ask you to have a Kill/Death ratio above 2.00 to be able to join the clan more quickly but we will still test you if it is below that.

6) Use our Chat Box.
You must be seen using the FoD Chat box. This is very important so that we can get a real life idea of your personality and maturity level. If we have not spoken to you but you have been active there with other full FoD members you must have them vouch for you.

7) Registering on Gamebattles
Sicne we are a Registered clan and are competing in wars on gamebattles we ask all our members register and tell us their username so we can invite them to the team.

8) Friend Code
When joining the clan, you must add our recruiters Friend codes. Our recruiters are:


9) Testing
When we test our applicants, we test them based on skill, accuracy and kill count. We will test them on the modes Team Deathmatch, Domination, Sabotage and Search and Destroy. We will test them two times on each mode to make sure you are legit.

If you are having a full FoD vouch for you on any parts they may contact any of the promotions staff:

FoD|Meshell (HarmlessGirl)
FoD|Ross (Danny)

This is an honor system and taken very seriously.

If we still have any question of your maturity, respect or rule breaking we will hold your membership as long as we feel necessary even if all requirements have been met.

IMPORTANT!!:If you are caught using FoD name tags in any games before earning that right it will be a strike against you. You will be spoken to or your registration in the clan will be revoked and deleted!!



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Re: How to join FoD

Post  StoRmZz on Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:26 pm

it might seem like alot but most of the stuff we expected u 2 know anyway.


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